How do you catch a survey drone?

Find the location of the reconnaissance drone, head there and look up. Spam in your focus (R) mode until the drone makes a ping and then scan it. You'll see its extensive flight trajectory. Somewhere along the trail there will be an opportunity to jump on his back and throw him to the ground.

Reconnaissance drones are small drones that fly through each of the game's biomes. To find the reconnaissance drones, look for large blue spheres of light in the sky that appear to be pulsing and beams of blue light. To collect her valuable data, Aloy must first capture it by throwing it to the ground. The Greenswell Survey drone can be found flying near a site in Plowhorn, northeast of Scalding Spear.

Upon reaching the map marker, players must look for a wooden platform attached to the side of a nearby cliff. After getting on it, they can jump on the drone and shoot it down. There is a platform on the cliffs, to the right of the reconnaissance drone path. You have to stand on this platform and jump off it to successfully grab and capture the reconnaissance drone.

If you fall, you'll have to eliminate some of Regalla's rebels before you can climb back up and try again. Once you've captured the reconnaissance drone, you'll need to return the data to your base, where you can use it to complete the information you've collected about the surrounding area. The Thornmarsh reconnaissance drone is near a campfire northeast of the Thornmarsh settlement, south of the ruins of the Long Coast Relic Ruins. To make a reconnaissance drone fall to the ground, players must jump towards it and hold on to the yellow side bar.

However, unlike other sets, finding these reconnaissance drones is just the beginning and possibly the least difficult part of collecting them. The Graypeak Survey drone is floating above a Slaughterspine site located southwest of the Sky Sentinel settlement and east of Cliffwatch. There are ten of these Survey drones in total and, together, they form one of the many collectible sets in the game. Players will find the Dry Yearn reconnaissance drone near a Shellsnapper site, northeast of the ruins of Dry Yearn Relic.

The Spires Island reconnaissance drone can be found flying near a building north of the relic ruins of Spires Island. The Plainsong reconnaissance drone is located northeast of the Plainsong settlement, near an old abandoned fort. The Spires Island reconnaissance drone is located on the east side of Spires Island, at the top of the building, a little further west of the Legacy's Landfall settlement. Players can find the No Man's Land Survey drone east of the Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost, not far from a Thunderjaw site.

The Plainsong reconnaissance drone is located on a barricade in Old Ones in the northeast of the Plainsong settlement itself, overlooking an area devastated by shepherds and sparrows. Reconnaissance drones explore the Forbidden West and collect data that you can collect and bring to your base. Finding all of Horizon Forbidden West's reconnaissance drones is quite simple, but shooting them down to collect their data can be difficult. Instead of destroying them directly, you'll have to use the environment that surrounds you if you want to capture one, since the only way to recover reconnaissance drones is to jump on them as they fly around the area.

Jumping on the reconnaissance drone may seem impossible at first, but if players press the square button to start gliding after a running jump, they should have enough momentum to reach it.