What do people charge for drone work?

While your drone is undoubtedly your most important piece of equipment as a drone photographer, it won't be your only business expense. Since the Part 107 regulations were enacted more than 2 years ago, hundreds of thousands of commercial drone pilots have obtained their drone licenses. Collecting data for inspections, cartography and topography is similar to capturing multimedia with drones, BUT requires an additional level of effort. And if you're an expert drone pilot looking for a way to earn money, becoming a drone photographer could be the cash flow you're looking for.

There are hundreds of different drone models in total, which makes it a very flexible service both for carrying out a topographic study in 2D and for shooting a film for its theatrical release. But if you've recently passed the Part 107 test and are now a licensed drone pilot, the next step to start working as a professional is to start selling your drone services. Professional drone pilots not only have the necessary experience, but also the right licenses and insurance to operate a drone. However, while all drones come with cameras, not all drones are designed to take high-quality photos and videos.

If you want to become a professional drone photographer, you most likely already have a drone that you're comfortable flying with. For real estate drone photography, many drone pilots charge based on square footage, with a photo package that includes outdoor and indoor photographs. If you conduct a specialized survey by a professional in that industry, expect drone service to cost more. If your drone is cheaper, the quality of your photographs won't be as good as those taken with a drone designed for photography.