How Accurate are Drone Surveys? A Comprehensive Guide

The accuracy of drone inspections is a complex topic, as it depends on a variety of factors such as the type of drone, the quality of the camera, the height of the flight, the ground cover and the drone mapping software. Commercial reconnaissance drones can provide data accuracy of between 0.5 cm and 2 cm, while other drones can only be accurate to 5 m. Low-cost amateur drones are sometimes only 5 m accurate. The deployment of drones can help reduce time on site and equipment rental costs when performing inspections from the air.

However, engineers and construction companies often require much higher levels of accuracy in drone surveys. Because they can carry more heavy camera equipment, single-rotor drones can produce high-precision data for use in conjunction with drone mapping software. They also use drone surveys to detect problems such as roof damage or humidity, which do not require high levels of precision. Drone cartographic surveys are increasingly being used to support construction, development, mining, agriculture and other commercial activities. The absolute accuracy of drone survey data is measured by comparing the observed coordinates (the positions of the control points in the model) with the authorized positions (the coordinates measured independently of the same points on the ground).Multirotor drones, in particular quadcopter drones, are often the most common type of reconnaissance drones.

In recent years, RTK (real-time kinematics) GPS systems have been designed that are compatible with the use of reconnaissance drones. Businesses and individuals can use basic commercial drones in conjunction with drone mapping software such as DroneDeploy to produce fairly accurate photographic and cartographic data. The only established method for checking and demonstrating the accuracy of drone cartographic surveys is to use independently measured control points. This is great for businesses and individuals who need to ensure that their data is accurate and reliable. It's also great to see useful information available for free and will become more important as more industries adopt drone topography and mapping.If you're looking for a reliable way to perform aerial inspections, then you should consider using a drone survey.

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