What is the future outlook for drone related career paths?

And that only comes from select markets. Thanks to the advancement of drone technology in recent years, drone pilots now have a world of opportunities at their fingertips. Below are some of the industries that currently use drones for daily operations. Yes, drone pilots provide services in many industries, but most jobs are freelance or contract jobs.

Finding full-time work as a drone pilot is a challenge, as there are few opportunities. The demand for drone pilots is increasing day by day and every month opportunities are opening up for drone enthusiasts. While this classification of drones continues to expand, many drones used today require a pilot to control the device remotely. But as I mentioned earlier, most drone pilot jobs usually require specific skills in addition to drone flying, so a good rule of thumb is to make sure you master the field you're applying to.

The official drone subreddit is also a good source of advice if your goal is to start your own drone business. In recent times, insurance companies have employed drone pilots to inspect damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Enroll in Drone Pilot Ground School, an online preparation and training course, and pass the FAA drone exam on your first attempt or your money will be returned. These companies usually offer other services besides drone flying, such as aerial photography and videography, and they can also sell images of their drone flights to media outlets or archival websites.

Before starting your drone business, check out my other article with a list of unique and catchy ideas about drone company names. In this list, we will focus on some of the major trends that I have observed in the drone industry that I believe will open up many opportunities for drone pilots in the coming years. Commonly known as a drone pilot license, it is necessary to be able to fly drones for commercial purposes. Farmers are now starting to increase their daily harvests by using drones to survey their fields and determine which growing areas require the most attention.