How do you take down drones in forbidden west?

The only way to shoot down these drones is to use the surrounding environment to jump on them while they fly. In doing so, the drones will crash to the ground, allowing Aloy to recover the module inside. To capture Survey Drones, you'll first have to get to a certain part of the story. During the Eye of the Earth's main mission, you'll access your Hub.

Here will be a section with a terminal related to Survey Drones. Once you find this terminal, and when you leave the Hub, you can see them all over the world. Once you leave the area, you'll be able to find drones in the open world. Drones are fairly easy to spot.

They appear as blue dots in the sky and have blue rays of light coming down from them. Once you've seen a drone, you can scan it with your Focus to see its flight path. The key to shooting down a drone and obtaining its data is not to destroy it, but to capture it. To do this, you have to reach a high point and get on the drone.

Aloy will knock it down and deactivate it once it falls to the ground. Then, return to the Base terminal to establish the connection with the drone. As you travel through the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Forbidden West, you'll find a total of ten drones surveying the terrain. The title's reconnaissance drones not only meet these three requirements, but they also offer a break from the usual mission of destroying robots.

Although most of the robots in Forbidden West only lose resources when they have received arrows and other cave-level weapons, unfortunately you can't shoot with reconnaissance drones.