Safety Protocols for Drone Survey Missions

Conducting a drone survey mission requires following certain safety protocols to ensure the success of the mission. It is important to keep the drone within the visual line of sight or use a visual observer who is located in the same place and in direct communication with the pilot. Aerial photogrammetric studies involve taking a series of superimposed images with a high-resolution camera, and this often requires deploying drone technology in circumstances where its use by law enforcement is beneficial and uncontroversial. Drone inspections are also used to reduce the amount of time personnel spend in the tower, increasing its efficiency and safety. Surveys to determine what maintenance is needed are increasingly being carried out using drones.

Professional drones are a good option for tower studies, and Part 107 study materials on drone licensing cover legal requirements and best practices for executing a mission. The data collected during the survey will be transformed into real-world measurements and distances. In many tower inspection scenarios, a tower inspector or a team of inspectors will be present on site with the drone pilot. Drone technology is less capable than manned aerial surveillance platforms, but it is cheaper. Personnel costs remain constant since an officer is required to operate the drone.

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