How do you get the survey drone in stillsands?

How to catch the Stillsands Survey drone. This reconnaissance drone is located in the Stillsands desert. Where to find all the surveying drones Where are all the surveying drones in Horizon Forbidden West? What are Survey Drones and how are they obtained? As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we'll describe what Survey Drones are and where to find them. Survey drones are a type of collectible item in Horizon Forbidden West.

They can be found flying at specific locations all over the map. There are 10 probing drones in total. Once you locate a reconnaissance drone, you might be wondering how to get to it. Reconnaissance drones cannot be shot down with arrows, as they have an impenetrable shield that protects them from your weapons.

To secure a survey drone and have it counted as collected, you'll need to physically grasp the survey drone. Each Survey Drone will fly over a tall structure of some kind along its flight path. What you have to do is find a way to climb to that high point and, when the Survey Drone is close enough, jump to it and pull it to the ground. At this point, Aloy will pick up the Survey Drone.

After completing the main quest, The Dying Lands and the interlude that follows, you will have established what is known as The Base. Inside The Base, you can talk to GAIA in her room. Behind it, you'll find a console. In the first approach, it's called the Psiclops console, but on the map it's called Survey Drone Views.

When you have collected any Survey Drones, you can return to this terminal and connect your data. This allows you to change the GAIA camera settings and project an image of the surroundings of a reconnaissance drone. Think of it like changing a computer's wallpaper, only much better. Next, we are going to point out where to find all the reconnaissance drones in Horizon Forbidden West.

They are presented in the order in which we found them while playing, no matter what order you pick them up in. This reconnaissance drone is located northeast of Plainsong, floating around an area affected by the plague. There are some ruins at the back of this area that you can climb to and then take the drone. This reconnaissance drone is located southwest of the Carja camp.

Unfortunately, this drone flies around an area where a Thunderjaw roams. You have to climb the high rocks in the center of the Thunderjaw site, but if you want to get hold of the drone in peace, you'll first have to shoot down the huge machine. You may want to make sure you have a high enough level before doing this. This reconnaissance drone is flying over a Shellsnapper site east of Scalding Spear.

Some hills in the south can be climbed and, from the top, you can jump onto the drone. This reconnaissance drone is located north of The Bulwark, in the snowy mountains. You'll have to climb the cliff and reach a platform to jump onto the drone. This reconnaissance drone is located southwest of Sky's Sentry, on the other side of the mountain.

The drone flies over a killing thorn, so you'll have to be careful. A wooden platform on an elevated spot can be reached with a bit of climbing, and from here you can jump onto the drone. This reconnaissance drone is located just northeast of Thornmarsh. Be careful, as it hovers over the territory of a fiery claw.

Wipe out this machine so you can claim the drone in peace. Use the Pullcaster to grab onto nearby trees and wooden structures and you can jump on the drone. This reconnaissance drone is located just west of Legacy's Landfall, the settlement located on Spires Island. You'll have to climb the ruins of a skyscraper to reach it.

Players will encounter the Stillsands reconnaissance drone south of the Tower of Tears, not far from the southern end of the map. After finding it, they should look for a stone tower with a castle-like turret that they can climb with Aloy's launcher. Once at the top, players can jump to the drone and drop it to the ground. The Plainsong reconnaissance drone is located northeast of the Plainsong settlement, near an old abandoned fort.

To drop a Survey Drone to the ground, players must jump toward it and hold onto the yellow sidebar. Players will find the Dry Yearn Survey drone near a snapper field northeast of the Dry Yearn Relic ruins. Players will find the Graypeak reconnaissance drone near a killing site in the snowy mountains that separate Memorial Grove from the Stand of the Sentinels. Players can find the No Man's Land reconnaissance drone just east of the Jagged Deep rebel outpost, not far from a Thunderjaw site.

Players will find the Sheerside Mountains reconnaissance drone north of The Bulwark, not far from the north end of the map. By interacting with this console located on the left side of the room, players will be able to reconnect any survey drones they have collected to the system. Finding all of Horizon Forbidden West's reconnaissance drones is fairly simple, but narrowing them down to collect your data can be difficult. At first, jumping into the Survey Drone may seem impossible, but if players press the square button to start sliding after running a jump, they should have enough momentum to reach it.

However, unlike some of the other sets, finding these reconnaissance drones is just the beginning and possibly the least difficult part of collecting them. The Greenswell reconnaissance drone can be found flying near a Plowhorn site northeast of Scalding Spear. .