Everything You Need to Know About Drone Surveying

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for surveying and inspection purposes. With their built-in sensors, they can collect data points at specific heights above the ground, making them a great tool for topography. Drone topography allows surveyors to collect data more safely and quickly than traditional methods, and can also be used to measure the volume of a concrete slab or pool after pouring it. But why should you consider doing your topographic survey with a drone instead of doing it the traditional way?For starters, drone surveys have a much shorter setup time than traditional surveys.

STRABAG, an Austrian construction company, estimates that drones allow them to carry out surveys with a setup time reduced by 75%. In addition, since drone flights record visual images together with other types of sensor measurements, such as temperature and humidity, this type of system can provide additional information about the environment that is not necessarily obtained with traditional survey methods. Hot water lines, water supply pipes, steam supply pipes and condensation return lines can be precisely monitored with the help of a drone. Drone studies are also useful for measuring the volume of piles of materials such as sand or concrete, as well as for measuring other types of materials, such as soil or gravel. And if you have a property that is too big to walk around and needs an aerial view, then a drone inspection is the right tool for that. But what about the cost? The cost of ground-based drone surveys per hour depends on the size of the area to be inspected, the number of surveyors and the number of flight hours.

Multi-rotor drones are easier to fly but fixed-wing models will shine when you need them to survey a few hundred acres at a time. So if you want to add another tool to your services or want to learn more about the world of drones, here's everything you need to know about drone topography. With its many advantages over traditional surveying methods, it's no wonder why drone surveying is becoming increasingly popular.