How many survey drones are there?

There are 10 reconnaissance drone modules around the world of Horizon Forbidden West. You'll find one at Plainsong, No Man's Land, The Greenswell, The Dry Yearn, The Stillsands, The Sheerside Mountains, The Graypeak, Stand of the Sentinels, Thornmarsh and the Isle of Spires. There are 10 reconnaissance drones that you can find in Horizon Forbidden West. As with other collectibles, they are scattered all over the map, and some locations are easier to find and complete than others.

If you get a reconnaissance drone, you'll get a bronze trophy for which you'll have to find five different collectibles, but if you get them all you'll have some interesting decoration options for The Base's Dome. Horizon Forbidden West (PS5, PS Guides) Where are all the reconnaissance drones in Horizon Forbidden West? What are reconnaissance drones and how are they obtained? As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we'll describe what reconnaissance drones are and where to find them. Reconnaissance drones are a type of collectible item in Horizon Forbidden West. They can be found flying at specific locations on the map.

There are 10 reconnaissance drones in total. Next, we'll indicate where to find all of Horizon Forbidden West's reconnaissance drones. They are presented in the order in which we found them while we played, no matter in what order you pick them up. There is a tree-lined platform with views of the campfire, which you can use to jump to the Survey Drone.

On the east side of the area (east of the reconnaissance drone symbol on the map), you'll find a fallen tree that will allow you to access the wooden platforms of the trees. Reconnaissance drones cannot be shot down with arrows, since they have an impenetrable shield that protects them from your weapons. In addition to using the Sunwing to reach the top of the building, the best way to approach this reconnaissance drone is from Legacy's Landfall. Climb to the mountainside just east of the reconnaissance drone symbol on the map, where you'll see two Tenakth platforms sticking out of the rock.

The next reconnaissance drone is in Graypeak, which is located in the southern region of the snowy mountains on the map. Among the first ones you'll see, given its proximity to Plainsong, make sure you've unlocked the ability to detonate Firegleam before trying to catch this reconnaissance drone. Select one of the modules and it will show the environment in which the drone was performing the inspection as the background of the dome. On the island at the western end of the map, you will find the latest Horizon Forbidden West reconnaissance drone.

There are 10 Horizon Forbidden West reconnaissance drone locations and they can be found in No Man's Land, Plainsong, The Dry Yearn, The Greenswell, The Stillsands, Thornmash, The Graypeak, Stand of the Sentinels, The Sheerside Mountains and Isle of Spires. In the first approach, it is called the PsiClops console, but on the map it is called Survey Drone Views. The reconnaissance drone flies over a Slaughterspine site, so bring some weapons from Frost and Purgewater just in case. Horizon Forbidden West has several reconnaissance drones that fly over its skies and must be tracked, shot down and rescued in that exact order.

You can even change the background of the area depending on the drones and each drone will show a different result. This allows you to change the settings of the GAIA camera and project an image of the environment of a reconnaissance drone.