What is drones to the rescue?

Unmanned aerial vehicles allow experts to track flames and determine where they might spread. This helps firefighters decide which residents should evacuate. Drones are also essential tools for emergency services. After a hurricane or flood, for example, drones have been used to locate survivors, so that rescue teams know exactly where to find them.

The ability of a drone to create 3D models and high-precision studies of an area means that authorities can obtain data for use in court or for further research and analysis. Connecting a custom drone requires a single-board computer (SBC) with the FlytOS operating system connected to the drone's flight controller. Future developments will increase the time a drone can fly and will allow drones to carry a heavier payload to send fresh water, food and medicines to help victims survive emergency events. Read the full case study on how an Indian startup helped authorities in the state of Gujarat use drones through the country's first drone command center.

FlytNow is a cloud-based drone fleet management system that provides a unified panel for controlling several drones along with the live transmission of video and telemetry data. With all the rapidly evolving advances in drone technology, the potential of drones in the emergency response sector will only reach new heights. Skydio, a California drone company that is a leader in the field of autonomous flight, sells drones that can choose their own path through complicated environments, including narrow trails in dense forests. There are currently 61 drone pilots trained to fly in parks, although the Park Service has not said how many times a drone has been used in search and rescue missions.