Unlock the Potential of Drone Surveying: What Data Can Be Collected?

When it comes to surveying, drones have revolutionized the way data is collected. By using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other collection tools, drones can capture and transmit data in real time. Drone topography is an aerial study carried out with drones and special cameras to capture aerial data with downward-facing sensors. This technology has made drone mapping a basic element of topography over the past decade.

With the advancement of semiconductor technology, electric propulsion, cameras and batteries, drones with consumer cameras have become commonplace among the general public. The point cloud produced by a drone can be combined with terrestrial laser scanning studies to produce complete 3D point clouds. When the drone surveys the land, it will use the RGB camera to photograph the ground from different angles. Data collected from this process can be used to measure distances with precision, as well as surfaces and volumes of physical objects.

By using GIS technology, all that raw data can be turned into actionable information while the drone is still in the air. Drone topography allows surveyors to collect data more safely and quickly than traditional methods. Highly accurate distance and surface measurements can be performed using high-resolution orthomosaic photographs of drone topography. To perform highly accurate drone inspections, it is necessary to precisely locate the position of a drone in flight.

Drone topography generates high-resolution orthomosaic maps and 3D models of areas to create accurate cadastral maps. Hot water lines, water supply pipes, steam supply pipes and condensation return lines can be precisely monitored with the help of a drone. The images obtained from drone topography can be used in 3D mapping software, from which volumetric measurements are obtained. Multi-rotor drones are easier to fly, while fixed-wing models are better for surveying large areas at a time.

Whether you want to add another tool to your services or want to learn more about the world of drones, here's everything you need to know about drone topography. Drone inspection can survey complexes, facilities, campuses, cities and military bases to obtain thermal images. Drone surveys help urban planners to quickly gather updated data from a complex urban area with fewer staff to study the existing social and environmental conditions of the sites.