Is Drone Mapping Profitable? A Comprehensive Guide

Drone mapping is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, as it offers a cost-effective solution in the short term. By hiring a drone pilot, construction companies can benefit from map and model products at a fixed or hourly rate. Drones are not only useful for locating corners of properties, but they can also be used to carry out labor-intensive tasks more efficiently. Nowadays, drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and software, eliminating the need to send images to a photogrammetrist. Small surveying companies are taking advantage of commercial drones for surveying and contouring, and some are even using them to obtain permanent documentation about the site.

LiDAR systems, which were originally developed in the 1960s, have become much more accessible due to advances in technology, allowing them to be placed on larger drones. When using drones for topography and mapping, accuracy is key. LiDAR drones make it possible to carry out topography in challenging environments where field equipment was previously needed. Drones have been widely adopted for cartography and topography due to their numerous advantages.