How accurate is drone mapping?

Horizontal accuracy within a map depends largely on the terrain sampling distance (GSD, that is, the number of pixels per centimeter) of the data. In our first test, we compared the vertical accuracy of the drone results with the RTK GPS checkpoints. The RTK GPS is very reliable and has an accuracy of about 2.5 cm (1″). This is a common way to check the accuracy of drones.

Drone Site Surveys uses people and technology to develop solutions that help companies work smarter and safer, while reducing their carbon footprint. Fill out the contact form below to find out how Drone Site Surveys can offer scaffolding inspections in its multi-site product portfolio. The GPS equipment inside the drone is not particularly accurate and some drones report an accuracy of up to +-10 m. Over the past few years, drones have radically changed the way in which construction and earthmoving companies analyze and manage their worksites by providing accurate and reliable topographic data.

If you are going to hire a drone inspection company, all you have to do is tell them the area you would like to scan. They help to increase the accuracy of drone recognition and allow the model to be adjusted to a geodetic coordinate system. The deployment of drones can help reduce time on site and equipment rental costs when performing inspections from the air. Fill out the contact form below to find out how drone site surveys can provide scaffolding inspections and better delivery results for you and your customers.